Toni&Guy is a company, founded in 1963. It was just one beauty salon in London from the very beginning. But then it turned into the company, providing its services in differet parts of the world. Tony and Guy Mascalo brothers are the company’s founders. Today, Sasha Maskalo-Tarbak, Tony Maskalo’s daughter, is engaged in its development. As you may see, the brand is popular and well-known at the multinational level, which surely causes both respect and delight, because it’s quite complicated to achieve this in the beauty industry. We know what each contacting client needs, no matter whether he is a man or a woman. We use an individual approach to each our customer and wish to help looking the way you want. Of course, we provide our recommendations and advice, related to the appearance and the way it can be changed for the better. You choose the service you are interested in and make an appointment online in the website, or by calling us at the indicated phone number.

Vision, philosophy, mission, principles
All Kazakhstan Toni&Guy team members will contribute to Toni & Guy techniques and technologies appliance as well as the innovations development in the future. Continuous skillы improvement, training at Toni & Guy Academy in London, сreative contacts expansion, participation in world contests and new ideas flow are Toni & Guy team’s high professionalism level evidence
Toni & Guy team
today is aware of tomorrow’s trends and tendencies!
Toni & Guy is the most widespread and respectable hairdressing brand, having got 50-year history. Now Toni&Guy has got 475 salons and 28 educational academies with over 5000 employees in UK and over 2000 employees worldwide.
im about
will celebrate its 55th anniversary in September 2018
11 times
we managed to become the best British team of the year
academies around the world
10 years
LONDON FASHION WEEK sponsor in a raw
around the world, including in Kazakhstan
and 29 study guides have been successfully developed on films
Modern fashion and a sense of style has reached Kazakhstan population, while being developed quite rapidly, both in scale and in audience reach. Kazakhstan has a tendency to emancipate style and avant-garde in clothes and mass-scale hairstyles, in contrast to the West, where this is the fashion industry prerogative.
Such creative, inventive and bold salons as Toni&Guy have significant demand both for «Experienced»: fashion industry participants in Kazakhstan Republic, TV stars and club workers, following business women’s and men’s fashion trends and for «amateurs» as well: those, wishing to be stylish and beautiful for themselves and others.
To be first
Toni&Guy Kazakhstan will be a leader in promoting and supporting all «seasoned» and «amateurs» in their desire to decorate our world with their beauty and style
Be available
We must provide a chance to be beautiful and stylish to a wide population segment.
Emphasize individuality
Creating your own inimitable image is Toni&Guy mission. The hairstyle should be a personal style peak, combining both facial features and hair type and lifestyle as well. All hairstyles are performed on a high technological level and virtuoso creative impulse combination. Creating a unified image for each customer is what matters for Toni & Guy. Still: Toni & Guy's customers are well-known and, therefore, demanding customers. These are popular actors, show men, politicians, businessmen as well as advanced and stylish youth, being aware of style and fashion value.
Toni&Guy is individuality and emotions! We don’t just work in the beauty industry - we are Toni&Guy team! Work in Toni&Guy beauty salon is a team and exciting business, but not just a job for us. It provides us with an inspiration. We wish each customer to open the same inspiration and beauty source in our Toni&Guy salon in Almaty!
Great accent
We mainly focus on the joint creative expression of the entire Toni&Guy team. Both understanding of the customer and careful consideration of all his needs are our salon’s secret.