TONI & GUY was established in 1963 and has now grown from a single salon in southern London into a multinational organization combining salons and academies around the world. It was founded by the Mascolo brothers - Tony and Guy, who came to the UK in the early 1960s. Currently, the fate of the organization is in the hands of Tony’s daughter - Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck.

Franshise offer
TONI & GUY is a famous English hairdressing brand, combining a reputation for traditional quality and ultramodernity. Fashion trends succeed each other, but the style remains, which is why TONI & GUY has been the official sponsor of London Fashion Week for several years in a row. To create an inimitable image and emphasize individuality - this is the philosophy of «TONI & GUY». 1963 year
1963 year
creators Tony and Guy Mascolo
Currently, TONI & GUY is a multinational organization uniting 475 salons and 28 educational academies with more than 5,000 employees in the UK and more than 2,000 employees worldwide.

The creative fate of the organization is in the hands of Tony's daughter - Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck. Already at the age of 19, she received the British Hairdressing Awards in the "Rookie of the Year" nomination, becoming the youngest winner in this nomination for the entire existence of the award. The commercial side of the business is invariably led by Tony himself. Over the 48 years of its existence, TONI & GUY has evolved from a family hairdresser into an international company. TONI & GUY is a long history of legendary creativity on the way to becoming the largest world-famous hairdressing brand. Today the TONI & GUY logo can be found on the central streets of all world capitals. The company achieved this success in many respects thanks to the development of business on the principle of franchising.

Toni & Guy Kazakhstan invites companies and entrepreneurs who are ready to present our brand in the format of a branded beauty salon in their city to cooperation. When opening a branded beauty salon, we provide a professional service package, including:
  1. An individual business assessment of the project (calculation of the payback period, investment costs associated with the opening).
  2. Production of a technical design project in a corporate style.
  3. Assistance in the manufacture and placement of equipment.
  4. Pre-ordered delivery of styling products by TONI & GUY and Label.m.
  5. Providing promotional materials.
  6. Providing branded uniforms for stylists.
  7. Providing working tools for stylists.
  8. Training of stylists at the Training Center in Almaty.
  9. Training for stylists at TONI & GUY Academy in London.
  10. Centralized advertising support.
  11. Consulting services for the management of a beauty salon.

  1. Fashionable hairdressing brand.
  2. A huge number of new images annually.
  3. Efficiency, ease of purchase and delivery of styling.
  4. Free republican advertising support (website, materials for PR, photo images).
  5. Training of stylists at the Training Center and the Academy.

  1. Partner profile - a company or businessman with a solid financial status, who has the desire and ability to open a branded beauty salon in his city.
  2. The total area of the beauty salon is not less than 100 sq.m.
  3. Convenient location of the premises (shopping street, shopping center) in the city center or in a busy area.
  4. Design of a beauty salon according to the requirements and standards of TONI & GUY.
  5. Compliance with common standards implemented in TONI & GUY brand beauty salons.
  6. Maintaining a balanced assortment of TONI & GUY and Label.m brands.

If you are interested in obtaining a TONI & GUY franchise in your city (as a new project, or as an upgrade of an existing business), please contact us. You can send the candidate data for the TONI & GUY franchise salon to us at: 050051 / A25D6H4, Almaty, Dostyk ave. 132 "A" or by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Regards, Nabieva Asiya Mukhambetovna