Hair as well as healthy, clean skin, well-groomed hands and nails are the most important beauty aspects for everyone. They should be healthy, silky, obedient and beautiful. This may be achieved by various haircuts types, available today. Don’t know which haircut to choose? Perhaps fashion trends will be able to help you to choose from! Toni&Guy provides the most relevant and stylish ideas for haircuts of the current season FUTUREWISE, some of which remain stylish forever. It worth mentioning that fashionable haircuts are different and not all the ones are suitable for everyone. However, both most girls and women around the world prefer them.


However, both most girls and women around the world prefer them.

Bob, pixel and garson haircuts types are the most popular «fashionable short haircuts» in 2018. They are stylish, elegant, non-standard, while being able to emphasize your face merits, previously invisible and conversely, hide some the shortcomings.

We recommend you to choose geometric haircuts, which do not have to be short, but should have clear edges instead, if you don’t like ultra-short haircuts. The most important is the competent optimal hairstyle type selection, given your face’s features, guaranteed by Toni & Guy salon specialists.

Today cascade is popular as well. It will look luxurious, romantic and expressive look, if you have an average hair length.

This can be a cascade with an elongated bang, straight and just below the eyebrow line, with a parting on the side or asymmetric strands. All depends on your preferences, All depends on your preferences and recommendations, provide by the master before work start.

Multilayer haircuts are demanded as well, while being suitable for any hair length and type and creating additional volume.

Be sure to remember, no matter how fashionable haircuts are, you ae entitled to wear what you like. Let it be tasteful - stylish and beautiful, if you don’t like to use the experts’ help. But it shouldn’t look ridiculous. Сontact a specialized beauty salon in order to get high-quality haircut. Toni & Guy is the perfect choice!